Program Promotion

Why You Must Promote Your Program

We live in the busiest time in history of the world.  Today most people have multiple phone, and email accounts. With the growth of social media, their time is also spent on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin as well as other new emerging social platforms. 

Imagine the growing number of passwords to be remembered.  Combine this with the steady, daily barrage of hundreds of traditional media advertising messages and you'll realize how unrealistic it is to think that viewers will remember what day, time, and channel your program is on.

Types Of Program Promotion

  • In-program promotion; tease writing to hold viewers by promoting what's coming up later in program
  • In-program promotion;  used for teasing the next upcoming episode or series
  • Out-of-program topical promotion is used to entice viewers to watch by teasing them with program content descriptions
  • On-screen topical program descriptions that appear in the cable and satellite channel guides draw in the channel surfer
  • Email blasts are used to promote program tune-in
  • Social posts promote program tune-in and create a buzz about guests and great special content

Each of these forms of promotion are effective if you know how to use them.  If you put them all together, you can will see growth.  We can help your staff develop the skill to incorporate program promotion into your daily routine and growth strategy.

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