Messaging Analysis

Ministry and Campaign Analysis

Message analysis involves researching to determine if the donor takeaway of your message matches your intent.  Sounds simple, right?

The problem is that we all absorb information differently.  Essentially we hear messages through a series of very complex personal filters shaped by our experiences that can potentially morph any message to the point where it is hardly recognizable.  Combine that with the fact that today we almost never have someone's complete attention.

Anyone who has had experience answering questions from the viewing public about an ad or about a television or radio program can attest to the fact that people see and hear the most "amazing" things.

The purpose of messaging analysis is to make sure that you and your donors are on the same page.

Messaging Analysis helps you see your Ministry through your donor's eyes. You learn the following:

  • Do your donors see you the same way you do? 
  • What are the words and key phrases they use to describe your ministry?
  • Do all your donors support your ministry for the same reason?
  • Does the reason for supporting your ministry impact how long they stay?
  • What are the reasons your best donors support your ministry?

When we analyze messaging, we get inside the minds of the donors to discover:

  • What donors really have a heart for and are most passionate about
  • What you do that they like most
  • Why they support your ministry
  • What they know about your ministry
  • What area of concern, if any, can be identified before it becomes a problem
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