Strategic Media Buying

The Power of Television

Television is the most powerful communication, entertainment, teaching, and persuasion tool available today.  It combines sight, sound, motion, and emotion to deliver the message and is responsible for shaping societal values, our product consumption habits, and even elect Presidents simply based on the image portrayed on television. 

Television is powerful and it can work for you too!  The key to maximizing the potential of television is knowing how to use it.   

Because television is a big reach medium, almost any effort can generate some results; however to unlock the true power of television you have to know how to use the analytic tools available that will help:

  • Maximize media placement for highest possible ROI
  • Use audience data to identify who watches your program
  • Analyze audience data to identify what they like and don't like
  • Use audience data to test program improvement ideas
  • Use audience data to refine fundraising efforts

Media Buying Philosophy

Our media buying philosophy could best be described as intentional, not reactionary because we go beyond the frequent practice of just buying what's available. 

We work with our clients to create a long range strategic growth plan driven by their goals, and supported by extensive research.  

We negotiate aggressively for the times and networks that fit the plan and monitor our progress using audience research tools to track the results.

Media Placement Representation - Our Distinctives

  • We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each network, their audience size, audience economics, and geographical strengths
  • Each program avail opportunity is evaluated by strength of network or station, lead-in audience size, time period strength, and promotion opportunity
  • Clients receive audience numbers for each program they air.  This is provided weekly as an aggregate and by individual airings
  • We create an ongoing ROI profile on your program for each individual network and time that links audience data with fundraising results
  • We offer program content analysis using audience measurement tools that help producers improve their programs and attract more viewers
  • We link Audience, Fundraising, Programming, and Marketing together for a holistic view of your organization's activity


Comprehensive Analysis

Integral in the buying and planning process is a comprehensive analysis of:

  • Audience demography and Ministry program trends
  • Network demography and trends
  • Donor demography and trends
  • Program content analysis
  • ROI evaluation of existing program distribution to identify waste, duplication, and geographical gaps in distribution
  • We work with you to create a system of ROI attribution for each individual airing


We have 39 years of experience negotiating media placement. Over the years we have negotiated hundreds-of-millions of dollars worth of media placement in both the Secular and Christian space.  We are experts in researching the best placement and developing long range plans for growth.


We subscribe to the state-of-the-art media analytic tools and are experts in using them.

Media analytic tools are like pianos, anyone can own one,  but few can play one.


Information:  If you have any questions or comments about our media services or content on this site please contact us at 757-905-2222 or fill out our form to email us.