Dale Berkey, President, BBS & Associates

"Often, one finds in Christian media people with excellent skills, but limited to their breadth.  John Turver is an unusual exception to that.  He has significant secular experience and significant Christian broadcasting experience."

"He understands how the marketplace works and thinks and how to position Christian broadcasting in the most strategic way that empowers maximum ministry and response."

"John knows how to buy time, and how to measure audiences and how to position the resources that are offered in the best way and at the best times."

"On top of that, he has a great spirit - love working with him!"

Joel Tucciarone, Managing Director, Diadem Partners (New York, NY)

 "I consider John a “media master” who has deep expertise in understanding how to maximize media effectiveness and cost efficiencies across platforms. His experience in “secular” television sharpened his negotiating skills to a fair thee well.  And he has critical experience in the kind of Data Analytics essential for multi-platform media attribution analysis and optimization."

"John always recognizes the value of properly implemented market research to get closer to the heart of the consumer.  To that end, he often utilizes some non-traditional methods that get around difficult issues like consumer falsification (that is, “yes-ing” the researcher)."

"He has a keen ear for crafting messaging that motivates the consumer while building the Brand."

"To me, John exemplifies the marriage of analytical and creative skills which, I know, will give his clients a leg up whether in the context of programming and fundraising or in product/service marketing.  In today’s market, I could think of no one I would rather have guiding my media and marketing efforts and spending than John Turver and charting the course to superior marketplace performance."

"The added benefit of working with John comes across in his high integrity personal dealings and in his heartfelt love of the Creator and his humane care for the creatures He has created!"

Tore Stautland, CEO TMG Inc.

To whom it may concern, John Turver has forgotten more than most media executives will ever know.  He has been a tremendous help to me and my team.  He understands how to properly assess local markets, and national television buys.  What works, what should we change and how do we pay for it? 

Ministries are struggling with demographic shifts and significant changes in donor response.  How do we fulfill our missional calling in the challenging television landscape, and at the same time monetize our initiatives for continued growth?

These are all imperative questions which can be answered by Inform Media. Mr. John Turver's rich history and experience with global and domestic media initiatives has positioned him as a leader in media ministry development. We highly recommend Mr. Turver to any ministry that is looking to achieve effective growth. To maximize results from your media initiatives, John Turver is the best in the industry.

David Hummel,  President D. M. Consulting Inc.

I have been directing the placement of media and marketing plans for over 30 years working domestically with companies like, P&G, CBN as well as several international marketers in Israel, India, Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan. 

Without question, the single most important axiom in media has always been and still remains, “Never spend a dollar without knowing why and how it paid off.”  If you don’t know the answer to this, you don’t know if it paid off at all.

The cost of media has risen to the point that one can no longer rely on counting the number of eyeballs that saw your message as a measure of media efficiency.  Today, you must know everything possible about who’s eyeballs they are and whether or not they are now or will ever become your customers or users.

With the advent of social media, you need to know the persona of the people you want to reach and you then need a programmatic tracking system to know where and when to reach them. 

To my knowledge, no one does a better job at this than John Turver of INFORM Media & Analytics.

In the 15 years I have known him, I have found no one who can surpass John for his ability to;

1.     Precisely describe your target customer’s personal and social needs and wants, prior to making a media buy.

2.     Negotiate the buy. 

3.     Track the job your message is doing at communicating the key promise.

4.     Do all this in a timely manner so as to make precise ongoing adjustments to make the buy more efficient.

If you have a product, service or vision that requires the use of media of any kind, I can think of no one more qualified to guide you than John Turver

Mihai Bocarnea, Ph.D.  Director of Marketing Research, CBN

I had the pleasure and honor of working with John at CBN for more than ten years. Time and time again, throughout the years, I was impressed by his vast media buying experience and acute understanding of television, audiences, and the industry in general.

John and I worked closely together on numerous research projects in a continuous quest to decipher viewers’ and donors’ behaviors as related to program content. Such minute analyses helped us better make sense of the causal link between what is shown on air and how people react to it. From program content analysis to donor base analytics and viewer research, we employed an ongoing triangular approach to studying partners’ multichannel journeys from initial contact to full engagement.

Through data mining or modeling and phenomenological studies, we got to understand, better and better, the mind of the donor. John’s gift of making sense in a direct and meaningful way of complex research results has been instrumental in providing strategic, actionable information. A man of outstanding integrity and unmatched professionalism with a passion for sound research, John has put all his gifts and talents in service of the Lord.